Next we show you the measurements of our products, in order to help you to choose the right option. For shoes, these charts indicate the meassures in mm of the inner sole of each model as well as the height from the base to the top. The information concerning measures shown in our Guide Size is for guidance only, it can vary depending on the manufacturer. If you have any doubt about the size or the characteristics of any D.Franklin product, you can contact us through the Contact Form.

To know the sizes of your snapback, please indentify it according to its name. (For instance, if your model is Commando Camo Snapback you need to look for the size which corresponds to Commando model).


COMMANDO 118 mm 190 mm 80 mm
CHROME 118 mm 230 mm 80 mm
BLEND 118 mm 190 mm 80 mm
REAL 120 mm 190 mm 75 mm
DJ NANO 118 mm 187 mm 80 mm
HANDUK 120 mm 190 mm 70 mm
GATSBY 115 mm 180 mm 70 mm
GAMO / BASE 115 mm 170 mm 75 mm